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Classical music concerts tours with renowned orchestras and Swiss artists

The Migros Culture Percentage Classics make classical music widely accessible throughout Switzerland for a moderate price. The popular concert tours present famous orchestras, conductors and soloists from all over the world in Switzerland’s best concert halls. The audience is also invited to listen to some of the best Swiss artists and discover classical music’s rising stars.

Proven concept

After a successful relaunch of the classical music concerts in 2009 – with a new artistic concept and a modern brand image – the Migros Culture Culture Classics are now firmly established on the Swiss music scene. This nearly 70-year-old tradition still pursues the same objective, which is to present great classical concerts, performed by renowned orchestras from abroad and the best Swiss ensembles, to a wide audience throughout Switzerland. Ever since its launching by Gottlieb Duttweiler, this concert series has been a pillar of the Swiss music scene.

World-class stars and outstanding Swiss soloists

The combination of world-class stars and outstanding Swiss soloists is one of a kind. Migros Culture Percentage has a long-standing tradition in promoting upcoming talents. Scholarships have been awarded to young musicians and singers since more than 40 years. The Chamber Music Competition, held every three years since 1974, offers an opportunity to reward outstanding chamber music ensembles and give these young artists an opportunity to perform in public.

Great acceptance and positive impact

The Migros Culture Percentage Classics offer symphony concerts in Switzerland’s major concert halls of supra-regional importance, situated in Bern, Geneva, Lucerne and Zurich. World-famous orchestras, star conductors and soloists from all over the globe perform in this series along with some of the best Swiss musicians: this is classical music at its highest level at very attractive prices.


The Migros Culture Percentage Classics reach yearly some 30’000 music enthusiasts all over Switzerland. The concerts appeal to a keen audience of classical music lovers and culture enthusiasts. They boast an attendance above the average and a solid subscriber base that is continuously expanding.

Migros Culture Percentage

The Migros Culture Percentage is a voluntary commitment to culture, society, education, leisure and business incorporated in the Migros statues.